Why Data Insight Partners

Data Insight Partners, LLC is a team of dedicated analytic and education professionals with decades of experience in the field who believe that transformational change can be supported and accelerated by investigating, monitoring, and reporting on issues of strategic importance. Through purposeful planning, reliable data management, quantitative analysis, data visualization, and high-quality end user training, Data Insight Partners provides world class enterprise solutions that give clients the insights they need to advance their organizations to the next level.


Justin White and Nathan Trenholm founded Data Insight Partners, LLC with the belief they had more to contribute to education and the desire to support those who strive to improve the lives of students. Justin and Nathan first teamed up while working in the Clark County School District with the directive to completely revamp the way the 5th largest school district in country analyzes and uses data.

Their first project focused on graduation data and the processes which collected, cleaned, monitored, and reported this data. Their work resulted in an enterprise visualization system that is accessible by tens of thousands of employees and provides real-time, interactive, visualized reporting that provides intuitive information with clear implications for action. In their first year of working with graduation data, the district’s graduation rate soared almost ten (10) percentage points from 61.6% to 71.5% and the improvement was highlighted in The Atlantic magazine where the State of Nevada was given a grade of A for its graduation rate improvement. The Cohort Graduation Rate visualization tool continues to be an integral aspect of schools’ work in supporting students, and the graduation rate has continued to increase steadily years later.

Since forming Data Insight Partners, Justin and Nathan have continued to leverage their expertise and experiences to improve the ability of various organizations to extract as much value from their data as possible. Their work has been sought out by state education departments, school districts, and national non-profit organizations.


Data Insight Partners has built a tremendously talented team whose expertise in their fields is second to none. Our ability to provide completely customized solutions to our clients resides in the exceptional and diverse talents of our staff. Our team’s talents span the spectrum of the education sector’s needs from technical and analytic skills to training and teaching. This breadth of experience ensures delivered solutions are high quality regarding performance and data integrity, as well as provide the customer service and personal engagement to ensure end users can interact confidently and purposefully with all of our solutions.

Our team’s extensive experience in education includes, but is not limited to:

  • Application design

  • System architecture

  • Identity management and data security

  • Data visualization and report generation

  • Systems integration

  • Database management and security

  • Project management

  • Descriptive and predictive analytics

  • Program evaluation

  • Survey design and analysis

  • Training - online, face-to-face, and train-the-trainer

Our Team


Justin White



Nathan Trenholm



Erik Gomez

Senior Data Analyst